Servers on Premise

Installation, configuration, migration and maintenance

We offer hardware from DELL, Hewlett-Packard and Fujitsu, which can be equipped with the following systems:

• Windows 2016


• Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server 7

• CentOS 7

• Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11

These configurations emphasize resilience to ensure maximum availability.

The standard warranties are 4 hours on-site by the next business day for 3 or 5 years.

 VMware 6

It’s large compatibility and robustness makes it the platform of choice for multisystems environments. Live migration (vMotion) in ESX allows a virtual machine to move between two different hosts, and Live storage migration (Storage vMotion) enables live migration of virtual disks on the fly.

Windows 2016

Windows is our recommendation for SMBs or GSTs. Relatively stable, its unparalleled functionality offers an array of innovative network services, such as VDI or Direct Access. Its LDAP directory and its domain strategies are essential for controlling a microcomputer network for Windows customers.


It’s security and robustness makes it the platform of choice for sensitive environments, WEB application development on the LAMP platform (for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Recommended for Oracle application servers. We support Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 for DELL, HP and Fujitsu. Ubuntu Server is only supported on HP hardware.

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