Contract Maintenance

Peace of mind for your users

Our maintenance contracts provide you with financial visibility of your IT network and give you a favorable hourly rate.

  • They guarantee a response within defined deadlines, including weekends
  • IThey bring peace of mind to your computer specialist, your IT provider and your users
  • They can also offer complete outsourced management for your IT system

We offer our services for routine maintenance, according to a schedule (fixed frequency) or based on usage (running/non-running hours).

Our Clients do not throw away their money! Prepaid hours are not lost, there is no obligation to use them within a given timeframe, and prices are lower than those estimated by the Gartner Group.

The contract addresses the points below with a global approach, it is determined by our technical director after a site visit in agreement with the client.

Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure a high level of operation, to reduce the risk of data loss and/or production during a hardware failure, software malfunctions or a security breach

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is an equipment intervention when it becomes faulty

Two options are available, either

  • Palliative Maintenance: temporary repair of equipment enabling it to provide all or part of its required functions or provisional use of a spare, loaned machine
  • Corrective maintenance: durable repair consisting of a total restoration or a replacement

Here is a summary to help you understand the breakdown of the actual cost of owning a computer network according to the Gartner Group:

The TCO, Total Cost of Ownership

According to the Gartner Group, the TCO is divided into four sub-categories, the first two being the simplest to understand, the third being the most complex, evolving over time with new technologies and the last being what one cannot predict

Acquisition costs of equipment

The acquisition costs of hardware or software are some of the first components of the TCO of a computer network. These costs are often categorized in terms of tangible/direct costs

In other words, they are the most tangible and easily quantifiable elements of a computer network

Acquisition costs of software

This category includes the cost of licenses for generic software (Windows, backups, antivirus, etc.) and business software (Office, AutoCad, etc.)

Administrative costs

Administrative costs include, among others, the cost of installation, deployment and computer system upgrades, reconfigurations after an accident, network and security management, tests, technology watch and training costs for system administrators and other product specialists

Operating costs

These costs are associated, for example, with maintenance and technical support for hardware and software, such as user support, power consumption of different components, insurance contracts, or simply the loss of productivity due to an outage

To summarize…

The acquisition costs of hardware and the acquisition costs of software comprise the most tangible and easily quantifiable costs from a purely financial point of view in terms of investment. However, they often represent only 30 to 50% of the total cost of ownership

The administrative costs are the most variable component that a service company can provide, and the mastery of the whole business process of the provider makes the difference

And we can claim the mastery of that difference!

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